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About My Journey: How It All Began

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Becoming a mum and a yogi was a stepping stone on my awakening journey. As I fell head first into the unknown territory of motherhood, yoga provided a lifeline that not only helped me to navigate through the new reality, but also become a mindfulness practice that enabled me to discover my creative powers.

Motherhood and yoga help to grow awareness. Deepen consciousness. Self-discovery. Inner work. Saved by yoga. Mum. Daughter. Conscious living. Rewriting my story. From victim to victor. Epigenetics. Reclaim your power.

​Photo: Dubai, December 2015

For me it was motherhood and yoga that has brought the awareness and understanding of the unconscious conditioning and habitual patterns that play out in my life. I came to understand that what we often consider and blame on “the genes” actually are our coping mechanisms and thought patterns that are unconsciously passed down by our family, community and culture; the so called stories or conditioning. (There's obviously the not-always-ideal genetic load we are gifted with, but in the age of neuroscience and epigenetics, luckily there is more choice than just falling into being a victim of the actual genes too...;)

As a new mum I became acutely aware of my creating power and thus responsibility for how I manage the "generational narrative". I have realised that the stories I repeat and also generate would be shaping my children...

And this is how my journey of inner healing began. To free and empower myself, so I can free and empower them.

Ever since I have been stripping back the layers to remove all that is not part of my personal story or is no longer relevant or useful in the ever evolving reality. It's been a courageous journey fueled by yoga, love and compassion. Without them I would not have been able to face my shadows. To sit with the dark and uncomfortable. Through witnessing my pain, limiting believes, habitual thought patterns and behaviours, I have been able to see them for what they are. And this is where the healing and transformation have started to occur. Space is being freed to write my story anew. Consciously. Continuously. Explored and expressed through intuitive writing and poetry.

It doesn't run in the family... Or maybe it does? Regardless, we have the power to change it.

I feel very passionate about sharing this truth to empower others to break away from the “it runs in the family” or "this is who I am" subconscious victim mentality that limits the expression of human potential. Our mind is a miraculous and powerful tool and once we realise that we can have control over it, we reclaim our power of conscious creation of our reality. We are what we think. We may not have chosen how the environment we got to live in shaped us and our belief system, especially during our early days, but definitely have the choice now. We can keep reenacting the patterns of our beliefs or create new ones. It all begins and ends with us. And our mind. And what we feed it with. Our believes are the thoughts that we keep thinking. Let's become aware of what goes on in our heads.

The change is only a thought away.

As we notice the stories that control our life, we can begin to transform them. And the change will not only benefit us. I believe that the outer world is a reflection of our inner life. We heal the world by tending to our own wounds. The less inner wars we fight, the more peaceful the world will be. The more love and compassion we give ourselves, the more loving and compassionate the world will become. We do have the power to be the change we want to see in the world. It all starts with us.

Pause. Notice. Become aware. Respond Not React. Change Your Story. Consciously Create

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