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Poem: Holding Space

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Holding space for another is one of the greatest privileges and gifts. It's a beautiful act of support and empowerment for the one being witnessed and held. Holding space requires maturity and humility. It requires deep presence and self awareness, so we don't project our shadows or stories onto the one we are holding space for. The act of holding space and being held creates deep connection based on safety, respect and true love. It's the most powerful way of moving through life's ups and downs. When we are being seen fully and from that place accepted and celebrated.

Holding space

Is a courageous act

Of compassion and mindfulness


Without judgment

Or criticisms

Simply being Connected

With the distress

Or happiness

Whatever is coming to the surface

And needs to be




Or released

Check out my blog RU OK? to learn more about holding space.

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