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Poem. Multidimensional Woman. SHE’s Not To Fit Into A Box. SHE’s The Container Who Holds Them All.

Trying it fit into a box that cannot hold my multidimensional self is like living dead… what’s the point of life in which I cannot express my potential - the very reason I was born, incanted on Earth!!

I’m so tired of making myself fit into that box that was never made to meet my range, but rather keep me in check, tamed. I’m ready to free the energy that I’ve been using to contain my multidimensional self on the flat page. I’ll use the freed potential for creation and expansion into infinite possibilities🔥

I’m done with this BS

I don’t want to regret

on the death bed

life half-assed lived

I’m ready to embrace

my full range…

…now I feel

I can breathe

with ease

✍🏻 04.08.2022

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Here you can read the poem.

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