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Hi! I'm Marzena.
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With scientific mind

Love for numbers 

And engineering degree

I never knew writing poems

Would be my thing

But this is what I get

When I connect

To the flow of the Universe 

And follow

The whispers of my Soul

I am a modern day woman whom stepping into motherhood cracked open into new depths of awareness, as well as became an initiation to walk the path towards embodying Feminine Wholeness. Since becoming a mum in 2012 I left my business engineering job in corporate world that played a pivotal role in my self identity and embarked on a journey of shedding the layers of forgetfulness to connect with my true Self, for mySelf and also to be the Mother my child(ren) need(ed) me to be. The journey took me into becoming a yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner and Women’s Embodiment Psychotherapy Coach. In the process of Self inquiry and inner healing I found myself opening into unexpected creative power manifested through intuitive poetry.


I am an author of a poetry book "when She rises - journey of growing awareness, reclaiming Her power & rewriting Her story" ☾☼. I also wrote poems for each of the 7 main chakras that are published in “Aromatherapy and Chakras” by Salvatore Battaglia’s (the co-owner of Perfect Potion).

My mission is to serve as an inspiration for women to step into the embodiment of the Feminine Wholeness that is their true nature and use Her potential to consciously create a meaningful, abundant and fulfilling life.

In my work as a WEPC it is through the co-regulation with my pressence* that women have an opportunity to connect with their essence and release that what is not it and prevents them from living in alignment with who they are at a Soul level, i.e. trauma, limiting beliefs and conditioning.

*I published my book under a pen name Marzena Pressence. Pressence is a wordplay that honours the origin and process of my poetic writing. It is in the state of presence when I am able to feel, hear and capture my essence’s voice.

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