Hi! I'm Marzena.

With scientific mind

Love for numbers 

And engineering degree

I never knew writing poems

Would be my thing

But this is what I get

When I connect

To the flow of the Universe 

And follow

The whispers of my Soul

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I am passionate about yoga, self-love, compassion, the power of the human mind and conscious living. I love to merge the latest science with ancient practices, natural therapies, mysticism and rituals to understand and express my potential. 


I hold a Master of Business Engineering degree and have worked in sourcing in Europe and Australia. I am a yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner. In the process of self enquiry and inner healing I have found myself tapping into unexpected creative power manifested in intuitive poetry. 

You can read my seven chakra poems, one for each chakra, in Salvatore Battaglia's latest book "Aromatherapy and Chakras". The book, as well as an interview with me about poetry, yoga, aromatherapy and the chakras is available at Perfect Potion