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Poem: True Empowerment Comes From Within

Feeling unease

Relying too much on external things

To provide sense of security

Better stop and look within

Make sure your inner foundation is strong

If you continue to believe The outer world is keeping you safe You are giving your power away

So better watch out

For it may crumble

When we find it hard

To see our potential

The external world may fall

To give us an opportunity

To wake up

For once we hit rock bottom

There’s only one way

And up it is

When there’s no outer security We can finally see That our strength comes from within

We connect with our gifts

Activate our skills

And realize

They were always inside

But we were blinded

Lacked the trust

In us and our capabilities

This understanding

Creates the space

For the healing to take place

At last

We have faith in ourselves

Grounded in self love

We are safe to grow

When we are centered in our truth We will feel stable Secure Even in the eye of the storm

This is a poem from my upcoming poetry book "When She Rises".

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