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"when She rises" - my debut poetry book is out now☾☼

My dream of becoming an author came true!! On 27 March 2024, after nearly 3 years of gestation, my debut poetry book "when She rises" was published. "when She rises" is a collection of my poems written in 2018-2021 and is

a poetic journey of growing awareness, reclaiming Her power & rewriting Her story.

Collecting Her copies from the publishing house. Brisbane, 27 March 2024

Since the book tells a story, She can be read as a novel, from front to back, or used as oracle cards, opened on intuitively chosen page for most aligned message and inspiration.

"when She rises" has been loved and endorsed by Elena Brower. This is what Elena says about “when She rises”:

“An evolutionary voice for women’s empowerment, Marzena has crafted a book of poems to connect you to the quiet, healing places within. You’ll find yourself reading her pieces again and again, for comfort as well as new awareness, skillfulness and vision.”

Elena Brower is a mentor, yoga and meditation teacher, artist and bestselling author of “Softening Time”, “Practice You”, “Being You” and “Art of Attention”.

There's been many serendipities happening during the publishing process,

including a truly magical situation when I, a person who doesn't draw*, got inspired to put a pen to paper and sketched several cover concepts, one of which got turned by my dear friend and talented artist Anna Ryan to the actual cover desing. Read more about this serendipity here and here.

A few of the sketches I made.

Working on publishing my debut poetry book I was guided to use a pen name. The name I was given was Marzena Pressence. Pressence is a wordplay that honours the origin and process of my poetic writing. It is in the state of presence when I am able to feel, hear and capture my essence's voice.

Photo by Anna Ryan. Brisbane, 7 March 2024

"when She rises" is a Brisbane creation.

Every page of "when She rises" has been handcreafted by me, Brisbane poetess, adorned with illustraions by Anna Ryan, Brisbane artist and published in Brisbane on sustainable paper.

"when She rises" is accompanied by a bespoke bookmark designed by Anna Ryan.

It was a deeply touching gift that I received from Anna, to celebrate publishing of my book and my birthday, or perhaps to mark closing of a very potent 40 (I was given the bookmarks the day after my book was published and the day before my 41st birthday, I cried tears of joy I was so moved by Anna's gesture and creation).

Photo by Anna Ryan. Brisbane, 28 March 2024

„when She rises” is already available for sale at A$29:

- from me, email me at to request Her copy; collection and postage (at additional cost) available

-Brisbane bookstore Books@Stones

- Vikasati - there’s an honesty box full of Her copies, pay via QRC provided or contact me for bank transfer / cash option and take Her home with you during your next visit at this wellness center

On 25 May at 4pm I'm having a BOOK LAUNCH PARTY

to celebrate me becoming an author and the publishing of “when She rises”. I’d love for this event to be an opportunity for an inspiring and joyous community connection and celebration of Life in a beautiful, heart opening surroundings (incl watching Full Moon / Her Rising over the ocean). Click here or at the below photo for more information and to reserve your spot. I'd love to have you join me.

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for regular doses of poetry and inspiration.

*the only other time I got to draw was in mid 2019 when I received an inspiration for my logo design.

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