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In tune with the rhythms of the Universe

May 2021 holds the energy of 1 (05.2021=5+2+0+2+1=1+0=1) and therefore marks the beginning of a new cycle. In other words, according to numerology, 2021 starts in May:) It explains why it has taken me so long to fully land in 2021!

January in Australia is a mid summer month, which for me also means school holidays, travel, family time, celebration and lazy days at the beach.

Simply said, it is not time for kicking off new projects. During this time I am called to be deeply present with my close ones, nature and in appreciation of all the blessings bestowed on me. I immerse myself in simple life pleasures. And it feels divine. To bask in the feminine essence of being. As long as I do not get caught up by the masculine need to prove myself through doing and achieving. Since there needs to be balance, there will be time for that too. But the key is to be able to enjoy the state of being and knowing, that it is as valuable as the doing.

I thought I would get into work as soon as my children went to school at the end of January, but the Universe had other plans for me. Since my birthday is at the end of March, February and March can carry for me more of “end of the year” type of energy. And this year the “closing” and “ending” energy was especially strong, as I was closing a nine year cycle.

According to numerology, we live in 9-year cycles.

Each year will carry a different energy, lessons and possibilities. You can find which personal year you are in by adding the day and month of your birthday and current year, e.g. my birthday is on 29 March, which means that in 2021 I am starting a new cycle, as my personal year is one:


There are two schools of thought when it comes to establishing the beginning of the personal year. One says it starts with the beginning of the year (1 January), whereas the other aligns it with one’s birthday. Personally I resonate more with the latter.

Being aware of the life cycles I go through helps me walk through them with more ease and grace.

It is part of the awareness that life is not happening to me, but for me, and various life lessons and experience is more likely at some times then others. It also enables deep surrender to the mystery of life and not pushing against the current, as that only brings frustration and disappointment.

Going through the ninth and final year brought up a lot of purging and letting go of the old. The metaphor of chrysalis was my companion during the winter season of my personal year nine (you can read more about it in my blog post: “Winter, Chrysalis and Tapping Into Infinite Potential” ) helping with the often uncomfortable process of shedding and weaving into a new, yet to be defined potential. I knew I was closing an enormous cycle abounding in lots of transformations, but some awareness of how big it was started to dawn on me only towards the very end.

My previous cycle started on 29 March 2012. For a while now I have been fully aware that that was the year my soul’s quest or dive into deep (or opening to high;) level of consciousness began. Even before I knew about numerology, I tended to date it back to 2012 because it was the year I became a first time mum. I used to joke that for me stepping into motherhood opened a portal to a higher awareness. Suddenly I became consciously aware of the stories that were shaping my life and started investigating them. You can read more about that in my blog post: “About My Journey: How It All Began”. However, now I also know that there were other factors that contributed to it and since 2012 was the year of new beginnings for me, I am sure it is not a coincidence. 2012 was a year of massive shift and evolution in global consciousness. In January, at the dawn of my previous cycle, I embarked on a yogic path. In 2012 I also turned 29, which is recognized to be the age of Saturn Return, a significant time in one’s life - and surely it was for me. The day after my birthday (new cycle:) I said my farewell to a corporate job, a few weeks later I became a mum, and several weeks after that I moved into a new city. All transitions and new beginnings required a lot of adjustments, acceptance, surrender and integration. And not only with regard to finding my way in the new life circumstances, but also as far as the death of the old was concerned. It took me years to understand that process and allow the attachment to the old ego identities to be put to bed.

Every upgrade, every change requires the death, or better yet - acceptance, transformation and integration of the old stories and identities. If we live in the past, we can never be fully present and live embodying the new version of ourselves.

The whole nine year cycle was a dance of life and death for me, from one change and initiation to another, so when covid happened, I found myself to be able to be more centered. I had already undergone a lot of transformations, sitting in the unknown, hitting rock bottoms and dark nights of the soul searching for healing, meaning, life purpose, my true self, while getting acquainted death along the way.

As I was approaching my birthday, I was becoming more and more aware of how big the cycle was. In short: I stopped working (and had to process who I was without having a career to identify with or traditional job to go to, as well as develop deep sense of inner worthiness unreliable on external circumstances and approval from the outside world, especially people in power), became a mum, moved to Brisbane, became mum again, became a house owner, hit rock bottom and dark night of the soul, became a yoga teacher, became Reiki practitioner and even became a published poet (becoming a poet is more miraculous than working with subtle energies;-)! All those transitions and initiations put me through an enormous amount of inner work, growth and healing, to finally find my inner strength and open myself to abundance and infinite potential (that is love).

As my children went to school at the end of January, I thought I would start working on my next project, which is my poetry book. However, rather than being creative, I was feeling stuck and getting anxious. Then it dawned on me that it was not the time for it and I was guided to do a thorough cleaning and decluttering of my house. I had to clear my space from all and anything that was not aligned with me any more. And also prepare space for the new. The interesting thing about this process was that I had to do it in silence. Usually when I clean my house I listen to audiobooks or inspirational people and teachings. This time however, I could not do this. I felt like I needed to be fully present to what I was doing, as the decluttering process was not only about getting rid of things I no longer needed or were not bringing me joy, but deep integration of the whole cycle. It took nearly 5 weeks. During that time I was immersed in daily meditation and intense yoga practice to support myself and the deep shifts that were taking place.

As I was going through the final clean up, shedding and integration, I realized I had a profound yearning for a rite of passage, a ceremony to fully acknowledge and celebrate myself and all the transformation and initiations I had been through.

Most of my life I was going from one change to the next, from one success to another, hardly ever taking time to stop and cherish my accomplishments. It was like giving birth to a child and nearly immediately moving onto making a new one… without taking the time to eye gaze, touch and smell the soft and delicate skin, admire its beauty… denying the reverence and praise that was due. I felt I needed to do justice to my life with all my accomplishments and also change the pattern of not showing appreciation for my work and achievements. I needed a tangible event, a ritual and ceremony to thank and farewell the old cycle, as well as open space for the new one.

On Sunday 28 March, the last day of my cycle basking in the energy of the Full Moon in Libra, I had one of the most wonderful and powerful birthday celebrations.

I was witnessed, held and celebrated by close female friends, as I was stepping through the threshold.

I felt vulnerable yet strong and supported. I felt safe to embrace me and shine my light. I felt like a bride and queen all at the same time. It was a truly divine and empowering experience. It also helped me to fully integrate the work I had done on healing the sisterhood wound (read my Sisterhood Poem). When women come together in celebration of one another, one knows it is the end of the dark times of fear and competition, and dawn of the new golden age where everyone’s gifts are recognized and cherished, and the power of synergy is being utilized.

Since my birthday falls shortly after the new astrological year starts (March Equinox), I thought I would be all ready to roll and plunge into the new straight after my birthday. However, the Universe works in a mysterious yet very deliberate way. Since I actually needed time to celebrate, process and integrate the shift into the new cycle, April’s energy happened to be 9, i.e. closure, integration and celebration! So I was given a month to do just that:) And when I woke up on 1 May, I felt a rush of new energy that heralded the new year for me. Cheers to being in tune with the rhythms of the Universe and the magic of new beginnings!!!

To learn more about numerology I highly recommend connecting with Sarah Anderson (née Yip). Her webpage is a treasure chest for all things numerology. Sarah also runs weekly lives / energy forecasts on Facebook and Instagram. Meeting Sarah and learning about numerology (only about two years ago) has been a massive turning point in my life that brought about a lot of insight, healing and expansion. But more on that another time ;-) Subscribe to my mailing list to be first to know about new writings and special offerings.

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